Third Party Risk Management

What has your VRM provider done for you lately?

Vendor Risk Management is not a one-size-fits-all program.  Even the Fed acknowledges that every institution will have their own unique risks, requirements, and methods.  Your VRM provider should be supporting you and your organization’s unique needs the same way.

Fortrex Technologies’ staff of industry experts guide our clients thru numerous issues every day.  How can we help you?


Consulting Policy & Procedure reviews Launching a new program Maturation of an existing program
Adding new risk components Resilience & BCP Quarterly reprogram views
Training/Education Training internal users Training existing staff on updated regulatory demands Training members of external departments
Program Management Full management of your existing program Staff augmentation Rolling out a new Risk Segment
Regulatory & Industry Updates Periodic webinars on industry updates Published articles and blogs GDPR & CCPA standards
Exam & Internal Audit Prep OCC standards NCUA standards Cyber Security standards
Privacy standards Reporting and Documentation Formulating Regulatory Responses
Preparing to manage Climate Risk US & EU Standards Engaging the leadership team Launching the new program
Contract Review Meeting Regulatory Contract Standards New and Existing Contract Review Contract & Performance Monitoring
Periodic Vendor Performance Reviews Establishing a cadence for your program Determining who participates in the review Determining what data elements are reviewed
Listening to our Clients Updates to existing product offering New products developed at client request New functionality developed at client request

You deserve a personalized and professional VRM provider.  Please call or email Fortrex today to discuss what you may be missing and how to get what you deserve. Fortrex is here to assist.