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Fortrex knows that effective risk management relies on effective technical controls. From the security of your data and its handling to the value of monitoring and reporting intelligence, Fortrex solutions reflect best in class, industry leaders.

Encryption: Vormetric Data Security

Strong Data Security for Any File, Any Database, Under Any Application – Anywhere
Vormetric Data Security has helped hundreds of the world’s most trusted brands and government agencies protect sensitive information, obtain safe harbor from data breach disclosure and comply with a myriad of regulatory data security requirements, including PCI DSS, Sarbanes-Oxley, and HIPAA. Vormetric Data Security is the only solution that protects sensitive information at all storage points throughout the information lifecycle – from the data center to the branch office.

Vormetric Data Security is a centrally managed and high performance system to manage data security across the distributed enterprise. Vormetric Data Security deploys in as little as five days to immediately provide a strong combination of encryption, access control, key management, audit and host integrity for files and databases.

While other point solutions can take months to deploy, drastically weaken performance, only address a “column” of data security or lack a solution for distributed environments, Vormetric solves these challenges through a lightweight architecture built upon our high performance CoreGuard technology foundation.

Vormetric Data Security delivers:

  • Centralized policy management and audit across the distributed enterprise for file systems, databases and applications
  • Application and database transparent data security - eliminating application and database change requirements
  • Strong encryption, access control and key management across platforms, applications and devices
  • Feather-weight security infrastructure for distributed environments and mobile systems
  • Highly configurable security and policy enforcement through granular access control, audit and host integrity capabilities

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