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Fortrex knows that effective risk management relies on effective technical controls. From the security of your data and its handling to the value of monitoring and reporting intelligence, Fortrex solutions reflect best in class, industry leaders.

Data Loss Prevention: RSA DLP Suite

Discover, educate, enforce and report
The RSA Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Suite enables organizations to discover and classify their sensitive data, educate end users and ensure data is handled appropriately, and report on risk reduction and progress towards policy objectives. The RSA DLP Suite is available in three modules:

RSA DLP Datacenter
RSA DLP Datacenter identifies sensitive data and helps to enforce policies across file shares, databases, storage systems (SAN/NAS), Microsoft SharePoint® sites and other data repositories.

RSA DLP Network
RSA DLP Network identifies sensitive data and enforces policies across corporate email systems, web-based email systems, instant messaging, and web-based protocols.

RSA DLP Endpoint
RSA DLP Endpoint identifies sensitive data and enforces policies for such data stored or in use on laptops and desktops.

The RSA Data Loss Prevention Suite offers solutions to help organizations solve the complex business problems they face every day including the need to:

  1. Simplify compliance
  2. Streamline business processes
  3. Protect intellectual property and brand value
Key Benefits
  • Strong policy management and classification
  • Identity-aware policy and response
  • Flexible incident workflow
  • Scalability
  • Single policy framework

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